Anger Management
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Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) a specialized form of psychotherapy, is a highly effective approach to the treatment of many emotional and behavioral problems. It is solution-focused and often involves changing life-long patterns of self-defeating, negative, and occasionally catastrophic thinking. This approach places emphasis on achieving real change in thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors, so as to yield notable improvement in one’s quality of life. The following Problems, Issues and Disorders are readily treatable within the context of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Anger is a strong passion or emotion conveying displeasure or antagonism, and may range in intensity from mild irritation to fury and rage. Anger may lead to either positive or negative outcomes. In a positive vein, anger may be considered an empowering emotion, often helpful in defending against and overcoming our feelings of psychological paralysis: feelings of powerlessness, helplessness and resignation, which are generally associated with depression, frustration and fear. Alternatively, anger which is unrelenting, seething and pernicious, and especially when suppressed, may result in various systemic illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke as well as severe intrapsychic distress and interpersonal and marital conflict. Anger that is inappropriate to the extreme and where the individual experiences his/her anger as "out of control" or explosive may lead to even more disastrous psychological, medical or legal consequences.

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