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Robert M Cristal, Ph.D. Testimonials

Farmingdale, NY | Jul 15, 2016

I have been seeing Dr. Cristal for a while now. He is one of the greatest people I know. He helps me to figure out so many things in life and help me get through everything. Dr. Cristal is understanding and really great at what he does. He knows how to help you through problems, hard times, and just life in general. He's professional, friendly, and intellectual.

PD in New Hyde Park, NY | Jun 20, 2016

Dr Cristal saved our marriage 4 years ago. My husband and I both had buried childhood traumas that we never dealt with until we almost lost eachother. Thanks to Dr Cristal we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this summer. We went to marital counceling and individual therapy.

Massapequa, NY | Jun 14, 2016

Dr. Cristal is a miracle worker. He was able to help me understand myself and has identified the root of my problems. He's provided me with different tactics and strategies on how to deal with my thoughts and emotions. I would highly recommend Dr. Cristal.

May 29, 2016

I have been seeing Dr. Cristal for almost a year now and its been a great experience. He is extremely professional and it is clear that he is a master at his profession. Everytime I see him I feel that I make progress and I feel happier, more confident, and significantly less anxious than when I began working with him. I constantly find myself sharing what I learn in my sessions with my friends, family and students. I highly recommend Dr. Cristal.

Alex in Queens, NY | May 18, 2016

I've been seeing Dr. Cristal on a weekly basis for the past 6 years now and the results have been phenomenal. My entire life has changed for the better. Dr. Cristal is extremely knowledgeable in his field and always puts my best interest first. I have recommended him to family and friends and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to see a therapist.

Richard in Great Neck, NY | May 18, 2016

Anxiety issues had been troubling me for a number of years, but dreaded the thought of having to visit a series different doctors to find the right one for my problem. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Cristal right out of the starting gate. I found him to be kind, understanding, and extremely patient. He is knowledgable and I have full confidence that, working together with him, we will successfully eliminate my troubling anxiety issues. I highly recommend him without any hesitation.

Dan in Plainview, NY | May 07, 2016

Started seeing Dr. Cristal a while back. I was worried that I would spend an endless amount of time trying to find a doctor that I felt comfortable with. Within a few minutes of our first session that worry was gone. Dr. Cristal has a very deep understanding of people and it shows in his approach. He's very caring and has a pleasant disposition. He truly gets to the root of issues and offers practical coping mechanisms and guidance. Great doctor who I'd recommend to anyone.

Greg L in Manhasset, NY | May 07, 2016

Dr Cristal Provides understanding and strategies for dealing with what were once complex and baffling issues. Dr Cristal is always professional. I would highly recommend a consult if you're having any issues. My life becomes measurably better when I implement strategies I've learned at Dr Cristals.

Jonathan in Plainview, NY | May 06, 2016

Excellent therapist. Helped me tremendously.

Robert M Cristal, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Phone: (516) 621-3339

Robert M Cristal, Ph.D. is an experienced clinical psychologist practicing Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a specialized form of psychotherapy. He has been treating patients in the Roslyn Heights, Great Neck, Jericho and surrounding area for more than 30 years.