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Are You in Need of a Psychologist in Great Neck?

No matter who you are, life is going to present you with certain challenges. These challenges might be related to the sudden loss of a loved one, marital troubles, stress and anxiety, depression, ADHA or a variety of other issues. Sometimes hardships will even come inexplicably and apparently without reason.

Whatever the case, facing your problems head-on by seeing a psychologist for Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT (which is a specialized form of psychotherapy) shows courage. Psychologists are professionals who provide their patients with the skills to overcome life’s many struggles.

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Create a Safe Space with Robert M Cristal, Ph.D.

By seeing a psychologist for CBT psychotherapy, you can take the time you need to articulate your feelings in a safe space where you do not have to worry about what you say or being judged.

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