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Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) a specialized form of psychotherapy, is a highly effective approach to the treatment of many emotional and behavioral problems. It is solution-focused and often involves changing life-long patterns of self-defeating, negative, and occasionally catastrophic thinking. This approach places emphasis on achieving real change in thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors, so as to yield notable improvement in one’s quality of life. The following Problems, Issues and Disorders are readily treatable within the context of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Anxiety is an emotional experience usually associated with some perceived imminent danger or threat (real or apparent) that is characterized by unpleasant and persistent mental tension, a pervasive sense of vulnerability, catastrophic thinking and an intolerance of uncertainty. In fact, with increasing levels of uncertainty anxiety worsens. Under certain circumstances anxiety may have a beneficial influence, as when it heightens our alertness and prepares us to take affirmative action. However, escalating levels of anxiety can lead to increased worrying, apprehension, nervousness and tension to a degree that interferes with our ability to carry out our activities of daily life, or may even lead to total incapacitation; heightened levels of anxiety are often accompanied by sleep disturbance, impaired concentration, intrusive thoughts and racing thoughts, by physical complaints such as headaches and other pain and discomfort, palpitations and rapid heartbeat, jitteriness, excessive sweating, cold extremities, shortness of breath as well as dizziness and light headedness.

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